SHADOW sweater

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Loose-fit sweater, with long sleeves and chimney neck. Featuring an all-over two tone three dimensional effect, which creates stripes of different width. Made of extra fine merino wool and a touch of super baby camel wool and cotton, for a relaxed yet cool style

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Taking care of a true art piece: how to wash and store a Ester Ferrando’s design.

– hand-wash gently, with the same love we made it.
– use cold water and just a tea-spoon of neutral soap for delicate garments.
– do not use softener: our materials are naturally smooth.
– do not twist the garment: just caress it.
– dry horizontally: a soft ray of sunlight would do no harm to your garment.
– if needed, steam-iron at 10 centimetres / 4 inches distance.
– store it folded in a cupboard: do not press it against other garments.

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