CRYSTAL long length cardigan

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The caress of winter sunlight
Oversize-fitting textured semitransparent long length cardigan with a panel design, with different yarns and textures. Made of a combination of cotton, viscose, for a sophisticated yet cosy style. BARK short sweater
Inspired by the texture of the trees
Loose fitting textured sweater, with asymmetrical embossed motifs to emulate tree bark. Featuring wide neckline and long sleeves, with extra volume in the elbows and wide cuffs. Made of 100% natural cotton, for the maximum quality and comfort

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Taking care of a true art piece: how to wash and store a Ester Ferrando’s design.

– hand-wash gently, with the same love we made it.
– use cold water and just a tea-spoon of neutral soap for delicate garments.
– do not use softener: our materials are naturally smooth.
– do not twist the garment: just caress it.
– dry horizontally: a soft ray of sunlight would do no harm to your garment.
– if needed, steam-iron at 10 centimetres / 4 inches distance.
– store it folded in a cupboard: do not press it against other garments.

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