One of mankind’s oldest symbols. The legend says that those who walk through the labyrinth will have the privilege of receiving double knowledge, on the journey towards the center you undergo spiritual cleansing, and outbound you experience rebirth. This collection inspired by the Viking aesthetic and the symbolism of the Celts, seeks to draw us into to the magic of an imaginary world with knitwear as its

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In SAMURAI, Ester Ferrando Knitwear finds inspiration in the old Japan, bringing together the strength and powerful personality of the samurai warrior and the graceful elegance of the delicate geisha. The garments blend in the colorful patterns, loose necks and multiple layers of the kimono, with the complex texture, cut and closures of the samurai armour.

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A travel in time to the Golden 20’s. A gift to the years that changed History, when women were the protagonists. Scientists, writers, dancers, artists and many others, were the pioneers in breaking rules to open the door to a new way of thinking, of dressing, of living. Charleston, jazz, free love, short skirts, make up,… This collection is dedicated to those and to all women. Vaporous shapes, bright colours.

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Secret Garden

Ester Ferrando Knitwear launches a refreshing and captivating collections thah aspires to cristallize nature in motion throught exclusive garments elaborated with the most natural and noble Egiptian and Mercerised Cotton. Secret Garden explores uniques three-dimensional shapes, asymmetrical fresh yarn combinations, creactive pattern cutting and impeccable finishes.

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Facts About us

Passion for knitwear. Exclusive and unique designs. Noble materials and impeccable finishes. Fashion and craft with a genuine personality.


Ester Ferrando

Knitwear - Barcelona

About us

Ester Ferrando was born in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona. From a very young age she began to develop her passion for hand knitting and crochet. After completing her degree at the “Escola d’Arts i Tècniques de Barcelona” (ESDI), specializing in Knitwear, she graduated with Honors in Fashion from the prestigious Winchester School of Arts (UK). Passionate, curious and innovative, Ester started working as an assistant designer in various projects at Pineapple Studios in London and Studio Orta in Paris. Back in Barcelona, she collaborated with various prestigious brands and designers like Josep Font, Javier Simorra, Pedro Morago or Georgina Vendrell. Along the following years she was committed to education, teaching Technical Design and Knitwear in various Fashion Schools in Barcelona. In 2012 Ester launches her own firm, ESTER FERRANDO – KNITWEAR, from her workshop in Barcelona, ​​fully focused on knitwear. The exquisite quality of the materials has been, from the beginning, one of the main features of her creations. With them she creates and develops garments with original textures, visual effects and exquisite colourful combinations.


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